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Cool Pencil Cases for Kids! 

What’s Your Style? Cool, Chic, Cute or Crazy? Show the world exactly who you are with cool pencil cases and cool pencil case accessories that are just your style.

Cool Pencil Case Stuff for Moms!

Encouraging your child to practice their writing skills is one of the best gifts a parent can give, and there’s nothing like a cool pencil case full of cool pencils, erasers and accessories to excite their imagination and ignite their creative and linguistic passions! Each Cool Pencil Case product is designed to help your child get passionate about school work, self expression and creative activities, making them the perfect school accessory, gift or artistic tool (oh, and you might just find something you love too!).

The Secret to Academic Success.....

Did you know, Asian parents have used pencil cas items as part of their academic strategy for generations? The secret is using cool pencil case items as rewards for academic achievement and providing your child with a sense of pride, every lesson. Your child will be reminded of their successes while expressing their unique personality. It may not sound like much, but it is been Asian parent's secret to success for generations.

Cool Pencil Cases for Little Ones

While your little one is passionately creating a lovely piece of artwork, they are also developing hand eye co-ordination and creative thinking. By encouraging your child to create, you’re helping them to reach developmental milestones.

Cool Pencil Cases to Inspire Creativity and Writing Skills

For some children, learning to write their name can be stressful. It’s the first step to becoming a big kid, and when you’re only little, that’s a lot of pressure. Make writing a fun and exciting experience with a unique pencil case filled with treasured items that your preschooler would love. As your child grows help them to get those creative juices flowing and encourage them to improve their writing skills with a set of wonderfully fun and unique pencils and their very own cool pencil case. Rewarding scholastic and artistic achievements encourages children to develop further skills. A unique, cool pencil case or accessory is a wonderful, useful reward for the budding artist or writer. Check out our adorable animal stickers as a great “gold star” reward for homework or tasks well done too!

Stimulate little kids to learn with bright colors and shapes

As your preschooler learns reading, writing and drawing skills, stimulate their curiosity with brightly colored, interesting, fun shapes with any of the Cool Pencil Case Range. Choose our easy to hold Popcorn Pens to add texture, our cute character couple pens for girls who love dolls or our Colored Crystal Pocket Crayon for extra bright colors.

For Busy Little Organizers….

Little ones love to organize so a cool pencil case filled with pencil case accessories makes a wonderful gift for busy little organizers.

Help Your Child Feel Special at a New School

The first day at a new school is hard for most kids; help your child express individuality with a unique pencil case full of creative pencils and accessories that are just their style. There’s nothing like a little creative self expression to help a child make the right friends. Whether your son loves sports or monsters or your little girl’s style is pretty pencil cases with plenty of cute accessories there’s a Cool Pencil Case item that’s just right. For older kids, a nice pencil case full of fun pencils and erasers or a unique pencil case for the more creative and sophisticated teen can help them express themselves and get them started on the right foot, with the right friends.

Learning Responsibility

If your child is the type to lose the red crayon, one sock and that last piece of every jigsaw puzzle, give them some help to keep track of school supplies with a unique pencil case and distinguishable pens and pencils. The unique design makes it easier to identify their own school supplies and reminds them to take care!

Cool Pencil Case Ideas for Big Kids and Moms!

Buying for teenagers can be an impossible task especially if you have an artistic, sensitive or alternative thinking teen whose entire vocabulary has been reduced to grunts and “I don’t knows”. Show them you understand, even if you’re not sure you do, with a unique indi-chic Asian Pencil Roll. Cool Pencil Case’s indi-chic Asian Pencil Rolls are always a big hit with artistic teens, whether it’s a gift, or a reward for school performance.

Share Quality Creative Time with Your Teenaged Daughter through Scrapbooking

Remember helping your little girl with craft projects? Remember how proud she was to have her paintings displayed on the refrigerator door? Share some quality artistic time with your daughter and show her that, just because she’s older, doesn’t mean she can’t still create beautiful craft works, and even with her mom! Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world and Cool Pencil Case’s unique range of pens, pencils, diaries, notebooks and accessories will allow you to create beautiful, meaningful pieces of art together.