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The Unique Pencil Case Way

There’s a certain magic that comes from purchasing new school supplies for the new school year. At Cool Pencil Case, we believe the excitement of carrying a fresh batch of school supplies should be an everyday experience. Forget the usual office supply store: We’re -- the first U.S. retailer of fun, hard-to-find school supplies just for kids.

We know how hard it is to make new friends.  Show your classmates that your cool pencil case is an extension of
your personality. Need an icebreaker? Bond with classmates over your favorite school supplies. Want to show off your style? Switch your pencil cases every day to match your outfits.

Don’t let your excitement from using new school supplies fade after the first weeks of the school year. Every color, charm, and special feature of our products can keep students motivated to excel academically. Let our products offer a personal touch to school supplies you can’t find anywhere else. Cool Pencil Case products give students a reason to keep writing, highlighting, and organizing.

Your unique personality deserves to shine through with cool pencil cases and school supplies. So whether you’re a young student or just young at heart, make your online destination to bring joy into the classroom and develop a love for stationery for a lifetime.