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Molang Pencil Pouch
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This cute chubby bunny has made his way back into our hearts! The Molang Pencil Pouch will not only bring a huge smile to your faces with his cuteness but will also help you out with organizing all of your writing utensils and school accessories. This pencil pouch also has two great features, a charm attached to each zipper (a strawberry or heart) and a clip so you can attach and display your new friend on your backpack. Did we mention Molang's favorite snacks are strawberries? He loves strawberries so much he even turned into one in this collection! I know it may be hard because both of these cases are so adorable but choose between Molang the Strawberry or Pretty in Pink Molang.

-Maximum capacity is 8-10 pens.

-Product is approximately 9.5 inches by 3 1/2 inches.


-Molang the Strawberry (red)

-Pretty in Pink Molang (pink)

SKU: C2391-0001

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