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Deluxe Flowing Soda Pencil Pouches
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These Deluxe Flowing Soda Pencil Pouches will keep you and or taste buds on edge for the entire day! Each of the unique, stylish pencil pouches in this series feature awesome designs, colorful patterns and flavors, and plenty of storage space and functionality. What is more is that each of these pencil pouches are based off a popular soda, and have a mind-blowing design where liquid inside the pencil pouch actually flows back and forth! The many pencil pouches show cased in this collection are: the Coca Cola Pencil Pouch, the Natachan Orange Soda Pencil Pouch, the Fanta Pencil Pouch, the Pinky Monkey Pencil Pouch, the Qoo Soda Pencil Pouch, and the Soda Popsicle Pencil Pouch. Coca Cola Pencil Pouch: This pencil pouch features the iconic colors of the red and white Coca-Cola symbol. The liquid flows from the bottle to complete the rest of the logo. Natachan Orange Soda Pencil Pouch: This flowing soda pouch features the Natachan Orange Soda Drink. The liquid flows into and orange tree to create a beautiful scene. Fanta Pencil Pouch: This pencil pouch showcases the two most famous Fanta Soda flavors: orange and grape. The liquid constantly flows back and forth between the two fruits. Pinky Monkey Pencil Pouch: This Pinky Monkey Pencil Pouch is based off of the popular Japanese candy, and was recently made into a soda. It is grapefruit flavored, and features cute designs all over the pencil pouch. The pink liquid flows from the bottle to pinky monkey herself! Qoo Soda Pencil Pouch: The Qoo Soda Pencil Pouch is set on the amazingly popular Japanese Qoo Soda drink line. These Qoo Drinks are very sour, and come in a variety of flavors, like lemon and orange. They are all the rage in Japan, and we are sure you will love this amazing pencil pouch. Soda Popsicle Pencil Pouch: This pencil pouch is an item in coordination with the popular Ice Candy Boy popsicles in Japan. These popsicles are the perfect way to cool down on a summer day. So, what is so special about these popsicles? They are actually frozen soda flavors, and there are many, many of them; some are fruity, and some are sweet. The variety can be seen on the pencil pouch in the mouth of the Ice Candy Boy. - Products are all approximately 7 inches long and 2 inches high. - Maximum capacity is approximately 20-25 pens.
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