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Free Shipping on all US Orders over $50. International Flat Rate of $14.95.

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Why Do We Love

"I am addicted to cool pens, pencils and stationery products of all sorts. You guys have some very interesting products. Made my first order a few months back and was very happy. Love my angry birds note pad and pens I got."

L.H. (St. Paul, Minnesota)


"I love beacuse 1) They have a huge selection of cute stuff that I can't wait to start buying for school, 2) They have really good pricing! Especially for shipping. 3) I'm always satisfied with my order and it ships out really fast! And last, but not least, 4) You do a lot of great giveaways! Cool Pencil Case is my favorite Asian school supply site, and I hope you continue to keep getting even more cute products! ^-^ "






- A.S.


"Why do I love Well that's Obvious, because it has the most cutest supplies around! products are super cute and Awesome for school, my friends always ask me where i get them and i always tell them to go to!"


"OMG I love because everything is soooooooooo cute (kawaii ^-^)! They have everything from pencil cases and cute pencils, to pecil sharpeners and sticky notes. It's all just overly cute and I want to buy more. (The prices are awesome!!!)."

- K.S. (Pike Road, Alabama)

"I adore your products because they are so damn cute and fun to play with i would never want to lose them or break them and if people see them they would want to buy your products and I am a huge fan of Asian stuff and no one would ever add creative to a product better then you guys I love your products so much like I said not even the top brand name can do better then this so they are so damn cute and creative thanks for this products."

- A.K. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

"The reason I absolutely love COOLPENCILCASE.COM is all the variety of erasers, pens, pencils, pencil cases, and accessories you get to chose from. The delivery is simple, quick and cheap. The products are extremely adorable. When I first found your website I was amazed at how easy and simple it is to find items in categories, when I put one item in my shopping cart I couldn't stop I just wanted all of the erasers and pens."

-G.N. (Western Australia)

" i LOVE because it's an amazing site with all sorts of awesome pencil cases, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. that are amazing, unique, and creative!"

- J.G. (Paramus, New Jersey)

" I love because they always have such cuuuuute products. My friends and family are always asking me where i get such adorable, unique things that i got from here!"





- M.U.


" Thank you for helping me with my purchase. I'm usually very hesitant to purchase items online, but the process was actually very easy! I felt more confident with my purchase especially because my e-mails were quickly responded to. I've already showed my co-workers your website, so be prepared for huge orders! Thanks!"

-Lyn (Hacienda Heights, CA)

" Hello CoolPencilCase.Com,

I just wanted to say how much I love my new pencil case. The pencil case fits all of my pens and pencils perfectly and keeps me organized. All of my classmates in school love the colorful design. I was surprised at how quickly my order came, especially with all the phone calls I had made regarding my order after it was placed. Thanks again! "

- Sarah (Phoenix, Arizona)

" My little sister adores her gift! She will not put it down and constantly encourages others to play against her ! I still can’t beat her, she’s been able to collect so many points when we play with her basketball pencil case. When she showed me I just thought it was a toy. Until she turned it around and revealed it was also a pencil case! I think it’s great that can make organizing fun and easy! "

-Angelica (Rochester, NY)


" I love shopping at because it is Cool! has all the cute supplies I need just for school and for my homework. is very well organized and easy to shop, so when I first came upon, I bought my first online product, because I had fell in love. When my classmates see my toothpaste pencil pouch, they would ask if it was real! I am thinking about buying's pen
cil cases for my siblings this year for Christmas! That is how much I love your products! "
-M.X (Chico, CA)

"Coolpencilcase reminds me of my childhood and all the innocence that comes with being a kid. your pencil cases are versatile and can be used by both kid and adults. I actually use the pencil case i bought from your site for my makeup. there are so many pockets and organization for everything.


One other thing i like about your site is that you can pass it along to your kids and be loved by their kids as well. I hope you continue to make wonderful pencil cases for future and keep that organisation n dividers."

- R.G (Norwalk, CT)



" I love shopping online! Especially your website! Why? Well, all the stuff at your store is interesting and unique (in a great way)! I have never seen any better online store. The website is SUPER organized. I absolutely LOVE your website and products! Your store is the BEST store ever! "


- A.P (Naperville, IL)


" Being very into the 90's one of the things I really like about the 90s is the innovation. One of the many innovations I have always loved and still do is the amazing 90s automatic pencil case. I searched everywhere for one and yours was the best I found. I really love the amazing compartments, the brilliant buttons and the modern ideas which have gone into this remodelled design. Thank you so much for the amazing, high quality case I received! The fun aspects of this case make going to school a little more fun. "


- Nabeelah


" I love shopping at your website because of all the variety of cute items!! The pencil cases are so unique; people compliment me all the time on mine :) "


"I love shopping at because they have the most unique items I've ever found.The past August I needed to find a pencil case for school and even though I scourced the entire internet for the perfect case, I couldn't seem to find anything worth buying for a decent price. Until I came to finding! I immediately wanted to buy everything I saw on the website. They have everything from cute/anime to subtlety. I especially love all the erasers because I am a huge collector of cute erasers that resemble animals/food/anything. I was more than thrilled when my pencil case arrived before school started."
- D. H (Palm Desert, CA)

" I love shopping at because there is such a WIDE variety of products that I love! Wish I had enough money to buy everything!! You guys really rock and I really like the shoe pencil pouch. Wish I had it! I also like shopping with you because my orders ship very quickly. Last time my order arrived the next day!! I purchased the France pencil pouch and every day I think of when I will visit. Thanks for the awesome site! "

- E.M














" I love shopping at cool pencil case .com as the products are so cute and imaginative, They don't break like smiggles products and they look AMAZING. XOXO "


- L.E (Townsville, Australia)




" I have always loved stationary, and when i first went on the Cool Pencil Cases website i felt like i was in Heaven.

I immediately saved up some money and convinced my parents to let me buy your products. I had such a hard time trying to choose what things i wanted to buy and also to stay inside my budget !! I was so excited when i saw the package outside my door when i came home from school and now everyday i take a different pencil case to school along with all my amazingly cute pens and erasers !! I absolutely love all of your products :) "

-E. C (Mackay, Australia)




" I love shopping at because y'all have SO MUCH COOL STUFF,i want like...everything on there! I like how you have a wide variety of products that anyone and everyone would like. Your products are so unique,i never seen them anywhere else. I'm always like "awww or oooo!" and show my family the things i like when im on your website,lol:) "

-M.U (San Marcos, TX)









"Dear Cool Pencil Case,

I am currently a grade 9 student and when it comes to school I simply LOVE choosing out stationary and cute pencil cases. This year had been on the look out for new items but there just simply wasn't anything that was not only cute, but completely unique or stood out to me. When I came across your website it was truly love at first sight. Your website first off is beautifully organized, the products are simply adorable and like nothing that I've ever seen before. I nearly had a heart attack on how wonderful your products are. The experience of shopping at your website is like no other, I feel like a little kid again in a candy store.

The layout is great and super easy to use, and you are very detailed with all of your items. I can clearly see the product and everything is super easy to see and understand. I felt really confident with my first purchase in your website because I had a solid understanding that what I was buying was going to be exactly like a saw it and I had recieved very positive comments on your products. Even now, my experience with your website and products are as admiring as ever."


" I am your number one fan! I shop at because they have the best office supplies for a low price. My favorite thing that they do is have free shipping and who can ask for more! If I didn't have or discover this website I would be very upset and I would not be the most reconized person in my school (for Rilakkuma) because of you! I live for and who could ask for more?


P.S. For my birthday every year I ALWAYS get a shopping present from "



" I love Cool Pencil Case's variety of colours in their products and the designs available to choose from! I've been using my pencil case for a year and I haven't considered buying a new one and always get comments on how cool my pencil case is :) "

- V.L (Thomastown Victoria, Australia)

" Dear Cool Pencil Case, 


You just don't realize how much I LOVE! I have been saving up my allowance so I can buy more of your products. Your products are so special because they're so original and CUTE. I especially love your erasers like the porcupine and chocolate bar that I bought from you. They're really cool!


But my favorite items are your pencil cases, especially my Double Spearmint Chewing Gum pencil case. I took it to school and everyone wanted to know where I got it. It made me feel very special. Even though I wanted to be the only one with an original pencil case, I shared your website with my friends anyway because I want them to be as happy as I am! Thanks for making such wonderfully original and cool products. You're the BEST!!


Love always your faithful customer, "

- R.C (Edinburg, TX)


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