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6 Color Charmed Ballpoint Pen
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Let a rainbow of colors be at the tip of your fingers because 6 colors is always better than one! With 6 different colors, you will want to make sure this pen never leaves your sight! This 6 Color Charmed Ballpoint Pen collection includes four different designs, each with a unique kawaii look. The clip of each pen comes with a gold flower or heart charm that includes a pretty pearl in the middle and is linked with an elegant crystal and colored bead. 6 colors, kawaii designed, and cute charms…with so many awesome features, this is one pen you will always want in your pencil case!

-Product is approximately 5.5 inches in length.


-A Clockwork Truffe (Baby Blue)

-Amelia's Flowers (Raspberry Pink)

-Kuroneko Fantasia (Mint)

-Mochi Mochi Panda (Light Lavender)

SKU: P2292-001

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