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Animal Buddies 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils
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Going through a long day and in need of a friend to lend you some help? The cute characters and designs on these Animal Buddies Mechanical Pencils are sure to lend you a helping hand and guide you through the rough patches! There are four different pencils to choose from in this collection, each one with a quirky and unique pairing of animals and some fruits. The yellow pencil pairs up Chicks and Chickens, the blue pencil displays Pandas and Trees, the purple pencil shows Elephants and Candy, and the final pink pencil shows Pigs and Strawberries. Choose your pairing of animal buddies - Yellow Chicks, Blue Panda, Purple Elephant, or Pink Pig and you'll cheer up in no time! These pencils use 0.5mm pencil lead and are ideal for completing homework tasks, note taking, or any other writing instrument activity (including doodling)!

- Product Dimensions are approximately 6.5 inches long.

- Note: There are four color options for this product, including Yellow Chicks, Blue Panda, Purple Elephant, or Pink Pig.

SKU: P2237-0004

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