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Animal Pals Pencil Case
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Here’s a true companion for school and beyond. Each fun pencil case features a special animal friend to call your own! Choose the Chatty Oinkster so you always have someone to talk to. For some everyday entertaining, choose the Apple Elephant. Finally, for someone who’ll always be at your side, the Tag Along Zebra is your perfect buddy. Inside, each compartment neatly organizes all of your school supply essentials. Wide-set compartments keep thick markers and highlighters in place, while the mesh pocket keeps important notes, ID’s, and tickets in an easy-to-view compartment. The center flap can be utilized to hold paper clips, mini notepads, as well as your favorite mechanical pencils and more. With the Animal Pals Pencil Case, fit up to 35 pens and pencils as well as small items and gadgets for a pencil case that you’ll always carry by your side! -Product dimensions are approximately 8 inches (210mm) in length, 3.75 inches (90mm) in width, and 2.5 inches (65mm) in depth.
SKU: C2183-0001

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