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Bunny-Costume Rilakkuma Mini Accessories Drawer
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Hold and display all your accessories in this irresistibly cute Bunny-Costume Rilakkuma Accessories Drawer. Small enough to fit on your desktop or even school locker, this adorable mini drawer is spacious enough to keep all your favorite items inside including erasers, accessories, and even jewelry! Lift the top to reveal the first compartment which includes a mirror, convenient for quick beauty fixes before or in between classes. The second drawer features fun details such as a Rilakkuma face cutout hold and and a colored polka-dotted design! Available in Rilakkuma Strawberries (Blue) or Korilakkuma's Dolls (Pink), the question isn't about which of your favorite items should be kept inside but which bunny-costume style option to choose from!

- Product is approximately 3.75 inches (90 mm) in height, 4 inches (105 mm) in width, and 3.5 inches (90 mm) in depth.
SKU: D2326-0001

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