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Classic Cylinder Can Pencil Pouch
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These classics are making a come back! Grab yours while you can. This collection comes in four classic designs. You can get yours in the classic Coke-A-Cola, a nice refreshing Lager, the Arnold Palmer which is a mixture of tea and lemonade, or warm up with the Chicken Noodle Soup Can. Be careful, you don’t want to mistake this pencil case and add it to your lunch box! The Classic Cylinder Can Pencil Pouch resembles old beverage cans and our all time favorite chicken noodle soup can so well that they are easily mistaken for the real thing. 

-Product is approximately 7inches in height and 2.5 inches in width.

-Maximum capacity is approximately 25 pens. 


- Ice Cold Cola (Red)

-Chicken Noodle Soup (Red/White)

-Classic Lager (Green)

- Lemon Tea (Yellow)

SKU: C2421-001

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