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Critter Cuties Plush Hand Puppet Pencil Pouch
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Sing, act, and dance! Who would have thought your pencil case could have so much talent? Well, you can take credit for all of this! Simply slip your hand into this pencil case to show the world a show they haven't seen before. The collection includes four key players to make your show the best ever. Paul the Panda sings his heart out with every performance. Carter the Cat has been dancing for seven years and brings life to the stage. Rosy the Rabbit is quite the actress -- she's earned numerous awards from her teachers from each grade. Bruno the Bear is a triple threat -- he's a singer, dancer and an actor! Who will you cast in your production?

Product is approximately 8.5 inches (210 mm) in length and 5 inches (110 mm) in width.
SKU: C2360-0001

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