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Diamond Tip 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils
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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, no? With these Diamond Tip Mechanical Pencils, you'll be sure to add a sparkle of ingenuity and creativity to every assignment you turn in! These unique products feature a tip unlike any other - it's shaped like a diamond! Besides from the creative tip and colorful, neon pencil body, this product writes extremely well and will be the perfect item to assist you in note taking, homework, and other writing tasks. Select from three different neon color options, including Peach, Turquoise, and Lemon! The pencil also comes with a cap for the eraser to keep it protected and clean when not in use.
- Product Dimensions are approximately 5.5 inches long.
- There are three product options for this product, including Peach, Turquoise, and Lemon.
SKU: P2236-0001

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