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DIY Fuwa Fuwa Mousse’s Sweet Shop Paper Clay Kit
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Create a collection of mini desserts including macaroons, cupcakes, and more with this exclusive paper clay kit! With all the tools necessary to build Fuwa Fuwa Mousse’s Sweet Shop, this do-it-yourself kit is not only easy but cute and fun to make with the easy directions below. See what creations you come up with and showcase them on the display…you’re the chef of this sweet shop! This clay kit includes four colored clay pieces (pink, yellow, blue, and white), a design mold, a foldable cardboard shop display, and glitter glue.

In addition to the clay set, you will also need a toothpick and water.
1) Start by kneading the clay to soften it, then put it onto the desired mold. To easily remove the clay from the mold, slightly wet the mold before placing the clay.
2) Once your clay has been molded into a shape, remove the excess clay from the mold using a toothpick and carefully remove your clay piece.
3) Put all your pieces together and use the toothpick to meld the pieces onto each other then use the glitter glue to add a shimmery effect.
4) Create the shop with the foldable cardboard display, place your clay creations, and your sweet shop is now open for business!

- Please allow 24-48 hours for your clay creations to completely dry.
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