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Do-It-Yourself Scented Clay Eraser Parfait Set
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Enjoy this delicious dessert as an eraser made especially by you! This Do-It-Yourself Scented Clay Eraser Parfait Set is filled with items that will allow you to create your very own erasers. As a bonus, you'll find each of the clay erasers to even be scented with a yummy smell! This set includes four colored clay pieces, a white container, and a mold (set of two).


In addition to the clay eraser set, you will also need: access to a microwave, water, a toothpick, and a paper towel (or cloth). For the paper crafts, you will also need scissors and glue.

1) Start by kneading the eraser clay to soften it, then put it onto the desired mold. To easily remove the clay from the mold, slightly wet the mold before placing in the clay.

2 ) Once your clay has been molded into a shape, remove the excess clay from the mold using a toothpick and carefully remove your clay piece.

3) Put all of your pieces together and use the toothpick to meld the pieces onto each other. You will want to make sure the clay pieces are well together to ensure they will stay in one piece when heated up in the microwave.

4) Then, put your piece into the white container and fill up the container with one inch of water. Leave the lid open and heat the container (with your eraser inside the water) for: 3 minutes and 30 seconds if your microwave uses 600 watts/4 minutes if your microwave uses 500 watts. Do not heat up multiple erasers at once, it is best doing it one by one.

5) When finished, drain out the hot water from the container, fill it up again, and leave your eraser in there for 3 minutes.

6) Once your eraser has hardened, take the eraser piece from the container, gently wipe it off with a paper towel and let it dry. Your eraser creation is now ready for use!

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