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Eye Express My Emotions Pencil Pouch
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These pencil pouches have a mind of their own as they express fun emotions. Their googly eyes tell it all! Each one features bright, bold colors and a pretty ribbon attached to the zipper. The Eye Express My Emotions Pencil Pouch also has the capacity to hold up to 20 pens, making this case the ultimate school accessory. Let this pencil case express your emotions, whether you are so in love, happy, angry as a bird, or pleasantly surprised, one will fit perfectly with you!

-Maximum capacity is approximately 15-20 pens.

-Product is approximately 3 inches in height 1.5 inches in width and 7.5 inches in length. 


-So in Love (Bright Pink)

-Happy Elmo (Red)

-Pleasantly Surprised (Sky Blue)

-Angry as a Bird (Sea Foam Green)

SKU: C2438-001

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