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Eyeliner Gel Pen
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Be Careful ladies! These gel pens resemble one of our favorite makeup items, eyeliner, but this little tool is not for your eyes! It is for the paper! Just like eyeliner, these gel pens glide smoothly and precisely across your paper, making them the perfect note taking tool. The bright and fun colors bring will help make your notes fabulous, just like you! This collection includes 8 glamorous colors. Collect them all to create something truly beautiful.

-Product is approximately 6 inches in length.


#PNK01 (Pink)

#RED02 (Red)

#YEL03 (Yellow)

#ORG04 (Orange)

#GRN05 (Green)

#BLU06 (Blue)

#PUR07 (Purple)

#BLK08 (Black)

SKU: P2283-001

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