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Fantasy Aquarium Pencil Pouch
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Let your imaginations run wild, the creations are endless! You won't be able to find these hybrid critters anywhere else. That's right, hybrids! Here we have two crazy creations that only our imaginations could envision. The tan critter is a cat and a fish, CatFish. The blue critter, a cross between a penguin and a rabbit? Yes, a Penbit or how about a Rabguin? These are your little critters so you can call them whatever you please. Choose between the two and a have a pet/pencil pouch so extraordinary they will have your classmates so fascinated they will also want one! 

-Product is approximately 9 inches in length and 4 inches in width.

-Maximum capacity is approximately 8-10 pens.

SKU: C2439-001

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