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Friendly Feline Pencil Case
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Who says a cat is considered a house pet? Let's take them out of the house and into the classroom. These quiet critters won't disturb your classmates, but they may make quite a statement. You can choose between five different felines to match your kitty at home or to just fit whichever style cat fits you best. Each feline pencil case is silky soft, and uses the tail as a zipper. The Spotted Tabby Cat, Sly Silver Kitty, Black Panther, Black Puma, and Orange Tiger come with a colored and designed collar. The Calico Kitty is too wild to be tamed so he is not collared but does come with a cute little mouse friend on his head. Take a risk with the wild one or choose one of the other domesticated kitties.

Each case holds approximately 5-10 pens and pencils.


-Sly Silver Kitten (Gray)

-The Black Panther (Black)

-Tigger The Tiger (Orange Stripes)

-Calico Kitty (Orange and Black Spots)

-The Spotted Tabby Cat (Black Spots)

SKU: C2374-0001

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