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Gudetama Pudding Candy Kit
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Don't be fooled, this kit looks like a delicious breakfast egg but is really a sweet vanilla pudding desert! The newest candy kit to hit CoolPencilCase features one of our favorite characters, Gudetama! Do you want fun, delicious, funny and cute? Well, look no further this kit has it all! The Gudetama Pudding Candy Kit comes equipped with custard pudding mix, white cream mix, a plastic mold and measuring tray. You will need to provide your own mixing materials, milk, and a microwave. 


1) The plastic tray will come equipped with a small, rectangular measuring tray. Fill the measuring tray to the top with milk. Then pour your milk into a bowl or mixing container (make sure this is a microwavable safe container). You will need to repeat the last step, so again pour milk to the top of the measuring tray and then pour that into your mixing container. 

2) Grab the packet with the yellow graphics, cut to open and then pour the powder into your mixing container with the milk. Mix the milk and the powder until powder dissolves and you have a nice, smooth yellow color.

3) Place your mixing container into the microwave for 1 minute. Be very careful when retrieving the container from the microwave when it is finished. It will be hot! 

4) Stir it up one more time and then carefully pour the mixture into both of the plastic molds. 

5) Place the mold into the fridge for about 2-3 hours to harden. Once then have hardened, take them out. Use a toothpick around the edges of the mold and lightly lift and place the molds on a plate. 

6) Next, open your packet with the blue graphics on it and pour into a bowl. Fill the measuring tray with milk and then pour the milk into the bowl with the white powder. Mix thoroughly.

7) Lastly, spread the white mixture onto the plate just around the Gudetama pudding to make what will appear to be an egg.  

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