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Hello Kitty’s Favorite Things 3-Ring Binder
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Let these 3-ring binders be on the list of your favorite things as Hello Kitty sure has no objection to that! This 1 inch, 3-ring binder is just the right size for your notes and papers for school. Hello Kitty shows off two of her favorite things in the themes featured in this collection. For those fond of red, white, and blue, the Hello Kitty’s Glasses binder features those bright colors in the midst of dots and hearts. And of course, we have Hello Kitty and her favorite accessory, front and center! On the Bows style option, this design features Hello Kitty and a couple of her friends sharing a few! In a backdrop of pink and speech bubbles saying “Sharing Hearts,” these folders are for lovers of pink, everywhere! Choose between Hello Kitty’s favorite things and you might just find this binder to be your favorite thing, too!

- Product is approximately 12 inches (300 mm) long and 10 inches (250 mm) wide.
- This is a 1 inch binder.
SKU: D2277-0001

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