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Hootie the Owl Pencil Case
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Hootie the Owl is a colorful little night critter who wants a friend to tag along with at school. The exterior is made from a smooth and durable vinyl material to keep pens and pencils protected from spills and schoolyard dirt. With big eyes to keep a keen lookout, Hootie stays still on this pencil case’s cover in three festive colors: raspberry, sky blue, and fiesta yellow. Each pencil case sports a large leaf charm matching the vibrant color of the cover. Inside, each compartment neatly organizes favorite school supplies. Wide-set compartments keep everything, from thick markers to thin mechanical pencils, in place. The mesh pocket below keeps important notes, ID’s, and tickets in an easy-to-view compartment. The center flap can be utilized to hold paper clips, mini notepads, as well as your favorite mechanical pencils and more. As a loyal companion, Hootie the Owl is a pal you definitely want to keep at your side. - Product dimensions are approximately 8 inches (210mm) in length, 3.75 inches (90mm) in width, and 2.5 inches (65mm) in depth. - Maximum capacity is approximately 35 pens.
SKU: C2253-0001

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