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Lunch Time Molding Doh Set
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Who's hungry? Prepare your very own sandwiches and hamburgers with the new Lunch Time Molding Doh Set. Now, we know they look delicious but these sandwiches and hamburgers should only be made for your dolls because they are 100% molding doh. Each set comes equipped with it's very own tools,molds, and multiple molding doh colors. The Hamburger Set includes five great cutting, sculpting, and kneading tools, 1 mold which combines three different foods(shimp tempura, french fries, and roll; the hamburger itself is up to your own creative design), 12 different colored doh, and a hamburger look-a-like case to store all your goodies in. The Sandwich Set includes 1 kneading tool, seven different molds, a total of 15 different colored doh and also comes with a case! Choose one or collect them both to create your very own lunch time feast.

*Warning do not consume molding doh.
SKU: D2427-0001

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