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Make It Pop Pencil Pouch
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Looking for a particular pencil case pattern and design that just makes the colors pop? This pencil pouch features seven total different color combinations that make any other design look dull and bland in comparison! Choose your favorite color combination and it'll be easy to see why the variety of contrasts offered in this collection simply make all these wonderful colors pop. Aside from a blast of color, these cool pencil cases also offer a ton in the area of functionality - with an inside pocket to hold miscellaneous materials and school supplies, as well as an extra holder for three of your most used pens and pencils. Add in a storage compartment with enough utility to fit all of your items and you're on your way to discovering the wonderful opportunities this vibrant product has to offer!
- Product Dimensions are approximately 8 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch.
- Maximum capacity is approximately 15-20 pens.
- This product comes in seven different color combination options, including Blue Body with Red Zipper, Pink Body with Blue Zipper, Red Body with Brown Zipper, Peach Body with Blue Zipper, Blue Body with Pink Zipper, Yellow Body with Orange Zipper, and Green Body with Black Zipper.
SKU: C2370-0001

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