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Miffy's Key to Happiness 0.38mm Gel Pen
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Want to brighten up your school days with your favorite bunny pal, Miffy? This set of remarkable gel pens gives you the unique opportunity to do just that! Each and every one of these pens features the rabbit character, Miffy, along with cute "key" themed designs. Choose your favorite gel pen color for your work, or nab them all to make multicolored works of art! These gel pens write with flowing, easy to read gel ink, and are perfect for homework assignments, notes, doodles, or any other activities you might find yourself using your pens for!

-Note: These pens come in six different color options, including Baby Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, and Green.

- Product Dimensions are approximately 6 inches long.

SKU: p2241-0001

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