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Mono 2-Way Eraser and Correction Tape
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a pen or pencil, this 2-Way Eraser and Correction Tape has everything you need to eraser, all in one. Use the eraser on one end for those regretted pencil marks. When you find yourself low on the eraser, just turn the colored wheel to advance for more! Use the correction tape on the other end to hide writing done by a pen or marker. If it dispenses too much tape, easily pull out the cartridge by placing both fingers on the sides of the opposite end, squeezing both fingers, and pulling it out. Then, use the tip of a pen or pencil to turn the wheel which allows the tape to wind. When finished, simply place the cartridge back in for use! Prevent this and dirty marks on the tape from happening by using the switch, located on the body, to retract the correction tape when not being used. Choose between the vast collection of color options available for this Mono 2-Way Eraser and Correction Tape.

- Product is approximately 4.25 inches (110 mm) long.
SKU: E1125-0001

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