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Penguin’s Life Slim Clear Pencil Case
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Take a peek into the life of Bingo the Penguin with this iceberg collection. This penguin’s life is anything but ordinary as each pencil case showcases a few different jobs of the multitalented penguin! From nursing baby penguins to babysitting to that of a crossing guard, choose between the five style designs in this series. Each pencil case is designed with a clear exterior so you will always know what pens and pencils are inside. With its notable slim feature, you will also notice that these pencil cases can easily fit in your desk or school bag without taking too much space! This collection features the following five penguin designs: Nurse Penguin (Red), Nurse Penguin (Pink), South Pole Penguin Guide (Blue), Babysitter Penguin (Red), Crossing Penguin Guard (Yellow).

- Product is dimensions are approximately 7.5 inches (190 mm) long and 3.25 inches (80 mm) wide.
- Maximum capacity is 14-16 pens.
SKU: C2309-0001

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