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Free Shipping on all US Orders over $50. International Flat Rate of $14.95.

Playful Sumikko Gurashi Multi Pocket Folder
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Say hello to the most perfect folder around! You will fall in love with the cute Sumikko Gurashi cast featured on the outside and be amazed with how accessible the inside is. Each folder accompanies 10 pockets! That's enough to make each one a school subject and have left over room for all those extra notes, documents, and homework assignments. Each pocket is big enough to fit your larger papered school projects because you can use the whole width of two pockets. We know this folder may sound like it must weight a ton because of all the great features but it is actually so slim and light weight. You no longer have to worry about weighing your backpacks down with those bulky binders, opt out and get this very innovated, slim multi pocket folder! There are two color choices in this collection, playful pink and mellow yellow.

Product is approximately 12 inches in height and 9 inches in width.


-Playful Pink

-Mellow Yellow



SKU: D2436-0001

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