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Popcorn Pens
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Need some extra pizzazz for an upcoming project? Then these popcorn pens are absolutely perfect! All you do is write a letter in the paint-like ink, and it will puff up like in the above pictures! We have many different colors of ink: orange, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue and red! For optimal results using the popcorn pen, follow these simple steps: Step 1: Dry your colored ink with low heat from a blow dryer or fan for about 3-4 minutes. Step 2: Put the blow dryer on high heat and hold it close to the ink. Be patient! It will begin to pop after about 3 minutes. Step 3: Then ink will begin to pop! Just continue to hold the blow dryer over the ink until it looks just right. Enjoy!

Product Dimensions (approximately): 4.5 inches in length.
Note: Before using, remove cap located underneath the tip of the pen.

SKU: P1002-0001

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