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Popin' Cookin' DIY Candy Dolphin Gummy Kit
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Make your own gummy candy with this Popin' Cookin' DIY Candy Dolphin Gummy Kit! This do-it-yourself comes with simple instructions for gummy candies in the shape of fun sea animals! Easy to make and yummy to eat, be the artist and chef of these candy gummies! These candy kits come with ingredients for the gummy candy in red(grape flavor) and blue(soda flavor), a decoration marine sheet, a bag of marine powder, fork, dropper, and a mold. Directions: 1) Start by filling the sea animal molds (not the rectangle mold yet) with either the blue or red bag of ingredients. The blue bag of ingredients is of soda flavor while the red bag is of grape flavor. Fill the molds with the flavor you desire or both then level out the ingredients in the mold with the fork. 2) Add water in the rectangle mold up the to the 'fill' line. Then, fill it with the gray bag of ingredients, consisting of the marine powder, and mix it with the fork. 3) Then, use your dropper to drop the liquid into each of the molds. Each of the molds should then change in color and no powder should be seen. Wait for three minutes for the gummies to gain consistency. 4) Lastly, gently scoop out your gummy candies with the fork, place it on the decoration sheet for a fun look, then enjoy!
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