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Popin' Cookin' DIY Candy Neri Candyland Kit
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Take a trip to Candyland with the Popin' Cookin' DIY Neri Candyland Kit! Follow the simple instructions to lead you and your sweet tooth up a path of sugary goodness! Mix the included five colors to create swirl effects or entirely new colors! Creating these little wonders is just the first half of the fun -- eat these donuts, pastries, and other creations to reward yourself from a hard day's work of sweet DIY!

1) Remove each clay piece from its wrapper.
2) To create the lollipop, choose two colors and roll each piece into small strips.Twist each rolled strip around each other. Then, roll the combined strip into a circle. Create an additional thin clay strip from a different color. Roll the piece and attach it to the bottom of the lollipop as its stick. Lastly, add sprinkles as desired.
3) To create the donut, choose a clay piece and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball a bit, and insert the included dowel through the center of the clay piece. Take another piece of clay and use the dowel to flatten it. Make sure this piece is small enough to cover the surface of the donut and apply. Use the dowel to recreate the hole down the center. Add sprinkles as desired.
4) Mix the clay included in the kit to create your own colors. Mix yellow and pink for orange, blue and yellow for green, and blue and pink for purple!

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