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Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Oekaki Gummy Land Kit
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Step into Oekaki Gummy Land and see all the colorful gummy creations! Did we mention that the creations were solely done by you? That’s right! This do-it-yourself kit allows you to create this gummy land and then enjoy its deliciousness as these tummies are completely edible! Follow the directions below to be the creator of this colorful land full of tummies then enjoy its deliciousness when finished. This set includes: ingredients for the gummies, a dropper, a fork, shape pieces, and a tray.

1) Remove the shapes, stencils, and fork from the holding piece and place aside.
2) Fill the four squarish molds on the side of tray with water up to the suggested line. Then add the red, blue, and yellow bag of ingredients into three of the molds and mix with fork. Leave the fourth mold with water and use if needed or as a place holder for the fork.
3) Add the green bag of ingredients into the large mold.
4) Use the dropper to soak a color and drop it into an empty circle mold to make other colors. Try the examples below and be creative by creating completely new ones! Then, mix it with the fork so the color fully blends. Repeat this step using the other molds for mixing colors.
Blue + Red = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
5) Pick a shape and place it in the big mold full of dry powder. Use the dropper to grab the desired color and drop the liquid inside the shape until it is filled (different colors can be used for a shape). Allow a few minutes to sit and carefully remove the candy from the shape with the fork. Repeat these steps with the different shapes to create your gummy land then enjoy!
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