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Popin' Cookin' DIY Ramen Noodle and Dumpling Kit
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Who likes Ramen noodles and dumplings? Be the chef as well as the taste tester with this Popin' Cookin' DIY Ramen Noodle and Dumpling Kit. Just follow the simple instructions and in minutes you'll be able to show off your creating skills and be able to enjoy your own dish. This set includes everything you need, a tray which includes a bowl for the soup, molds for the dumplings and small egg, mixing containers and a small fork.
*First you want to make sure you cut the plastic container tray into four pieces.
1) To obtain the soup base, pour water into the circular section until the marking indicates on the bowl. Add the powder with the brown labeled lettering into the bowl and mix well.
2) To make the dough for the noodles, pour the powder with the yellow labeled lettering into the big pentagon (house shaped container) Add in 1 cup full of water using the small triangular measuring cup. Stir and mix well until you obtain a sticky yellow dough mixture.
3) Using the toothpick given, poke a hole at one of the edges of the plastic bag. Transfer the sticky below dough from the container into the plastic bag. Twist the top of the bag tight.
4) Squeeze the yellow dough mixture through the hole that you made in the plastic bag in a circular motion into the brown broth/soup substance. The circular motion will give you the ability to make noodles. Now that your ramen soup is done lets move onto the dumplings.
5) Split the white candy clay like substance in half making two portions. Then take two much smaller pieces from each one. These two smaller pieces will be used for the small egg like molds, so place them into each mold. Now, knead, mold, shape and flatten the two bigger pieces into a circular shape of a diameter of about 4 cm. Be careful not to make each piece too thin, this will cause breakage and ripping throughout the dumpling.
6) Pour the candy sprinkles from the clear plastic wrap onto your circular dough shape. Use the dumpling maker and press together making a half circle.
Now that your all done making your ramen noodles and dumplings, don't forget to enjoy!

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