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Purse Pencil Pouch
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Ladies, this one's for you! CoolPencilCase has just added another purse pencil case to our collection. This one comes in 6 different, but all still so charming designs. Each one features two separate compartments perfect for all your school accessories. The first, larger compartment can fit up to 25 pens or larger accessories such as pencil sharpeners, erasers, note pads and much more! The smaller, bottom compartment can fit up to 10 pens. With the capacity of 30+ pens you would think this case would be bulky and massive but this compact beauty fits perfectly in any backpack!

-Maximum capacity is approximately 35 pens.

-Product is approximately 7.5 inches in length, 4 inches in height and 2 inches in depth. 


-Baby Blue Striped 

-Hot Pink Striped

-Gold Polka Dotted

-Nautical Themed

-Navy Blue Stripes


SKU: C2449-001

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