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Save Big! 20% off of $50. Enter Coupon Code: APRILFOOLS2017

Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee Tin Globe Coin Bank
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Always finding loose change at the bottom of your pocket the end of the day? Now there’s a place to store that extra money, at the same time, save for your next adventure! These Rilakkuma Tin Globe Coin Banks will inspire you to save money whether its for that new shirt you’ve been eyeing or simply for rainy days. An awesome desktop assistant, spin these globes and find them to be fun conversation starters as well! Ready to count your savings? Remove the tin globe from the stand and lift the top half of the globe to open up the bank. Choose between Rilakkuma’s Coffee World in brown and Oversea Adventures with Rilakkuma in pink!

- Product is approximately 6.5 inches (160 mm) tall and 4.5 inches (110mm) wide.
SKU: D2305-0001

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