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Rilakkuma Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Plush Cushion
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This adorable desktop set includes a mousepad, featuring Rilakkuma's iconic face against a background of yellow. The star of this set is the Rilakkuma wrist support plush cushion. Place Rilakkuma on his belly and lay your wrist right above. This kawaii plush gives your wrist much needed support comfort while working long hours on your desktop computer. Just because Rilakkuma is one lazy bear, that doesn't mean he won't be of any help!

- Dimensions for the mouse pad is approximately 8.75 inches (220 mm) in width and 7 inches (175 mm) in height. Dimensions for the plush cushion is approximately 6.5 inches (165 mm) in length and 2.5 inches (170 mm) in width.
- Product includes both the mouse pad and support plush cushion.
SKU: D2307

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