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Rilakkuma Egg Kitchen 0.7mm Ballpoint Pens
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Welcome to Rilakkuma’s Egg Kitchen where the eggs are crackin’ and cooking’ no matter the time of day! This ballpoint pen collection features fun and sweet designs on every pen — we’re not kidding! You’ll find Korilakkuma cooking breakfast, Rilakkuma enjoying his egg on toast… you’ll even find Rilakkuma and friends in the eggshells themselves! Each pen in this collection writes in a different colored ink: Korilakkuma’s Cooking in red ink, Rilakkuma Hatched in black ink, and Rilakkuma’s Egg on Toast in blue ink. With a sleek body design and a black clip attachment and comfort grip for a bold touch, add these chic ballpoint pens to your pen collection!

- Product is approximately 5.75 inches (145 mm) in length.
SKU: P2206-0001

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