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Rilakkuma in Space Stationery Notepads
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Fly to a galaxy far away with Rilakkuma and team! You're the captain of this mission, and you've got two ways to go. Available in two options, these beautiful notepads showcase your galactic adventures in fun and colorful prints. Keep your wishes in mind, because the first version brings your closer to shooting stars. The Blue Shooting Star option features five different notepad templates featuring the team looking through telescopes, sitting on the outer rings of the nearest planet, and in full space suit attire. The Pink Starship option captures the lighter side of your mission, with Rilakkuma trying to keep hold of our favorite food in zero gravity! From pancakes to pizza, these fun details are incorporated in another five templates. As a bonus, each notepad includes a page full of matching stickers to use for planners, books, and more!

Product is approximately 6 inches (150 mm) in length and (4 inches 110 mm) in width.
SKU: D2355-0009

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