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Rilakkuma in Space Sticky Notepad Set
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Just another great school accessory to add to your Rilakkuma is Space collection! With four notepads, this set provides endless fun. Whether your doodling, taking notes, or need a tab to save a spot in a book, this set has it all. Each notepad set displays Rilakkuma orbiting in space and also catches the eye with it's florescent sparkle background! Fold these sets up to their compact size while transferring to and from school, but don't forget to pull them out and show them off while you're there!

Product is approximately 3 inches in height and 2 inches in width when folded, 10 inches in width when unfolded


-Sky Blue (Rilakkuma moon landing)

-White (Galaxy lunch)

-Pink (Rilakkuma relaxing on the moon)

-Black (Rilakkuma space suit)
SKU: D2404-0001

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