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Rilakkuma Kitty Costume Sticky Notepad
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Need to save an important page or paragraph in one of your school books? How about quickly jot down significant notes to study for that upcoming test? Well, we have the perfect school accessory to help you with those. Not only is the Rilakkuma Kitty Costume Sticky Notepad one of the most appealing notepads we have ever seen, but it also comes in handy for every school subject. Each set comes equipped with two mini notepads (a full kitty notepad and a cute coffee cup notepad). Both are contained in a clear book-like case to help keep you organized, which also make these notes the perfect fit for any wallet, planner, folder, or even a pencil pouch. This collection comes in two designs, yellow Rilakkuma Kitty or Pink Korilakkuma Kitty.

-Product is approximately 3.5 inches in height and 2 inches in length.

-Each set comes with 2 notepads with 15 pages in each.
SKU: D2437-0001

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