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Rilakkuma Panda Costume 2B Wooden Pencil
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Come explore with Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and even Kamonohashikamo with these super cute 2B wooden pencils. Featuring the silly Rilakkuma and friends dressed in panda costumes, exploring the clover fields. The soft, subtle colors and designs of each pencil will put you in relax mode but wake up, theres work to be done! Also, check out the tops of each pencil. You won't find an eraser, but you will find a cute Rilakkuma or cool clover design. Collect all four and add them to the very new Rilakkuma Panda Costume Collection.

-Product is approximately 7 inches.


-Lucky Clover (white)

-Clover Field (green)

-Dress up Party (pink and white)


-Hammock Fun (sky blue and green)

*Price includes 1 pencil.


SKU: P2260-0001

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