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Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Motion Mechanical Pencil
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Make way in those pencil boxes! You are definitely going to want to get your hands on this mechanical pencil. This may be one of the cutest Rilakkuma Mechanical Pencils around. Pastel colors, motion, and our favorite bear! What more could you ask for? The Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil comes in two great color combinations. Korilakkuma is featured in beautiful pastel pink and lavender with nice pale yellow doodles and Rilakkuma is featured in very complimenting cream, yellow, and blue colors with pale pink doodles. Just click the clip in order to active the moving heads of each character and release the lead.

-Product is approximately 6.5 inches in long.

- Lovely Korilakkuma (pink/lavender)
-Enchanting Rilakkuma (cream/yellow/blue)
SKU: P2265-0001

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