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San-X Washi Tape Collection
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Your favorite classic San-X characters are here in washi tape form! Stick them on notebooks, create beautiful, handmade cards, or simply watch your collection grow! The Rilakkuma design features Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori snacking on sweet desserts, along with positive messages like "Thank you" and "Happy" sprinkled in. The Sentimental Circus design features Shappo in full performance mode, impressing friends and family with a fun forrest picnic that is just "for you!" Lastly, the Summiko Gurashi design features the group acting silly with their favorite fruit -- an apple!



- Rilakkuma's Positivity

- Sentimental Circus Forest Lunch


- Summiko Gurashi Apples

- Rilakkuma's Snacks
SKU: D2381-0001

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