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Silly Buddy Eraser with Mini Eraser
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Don't forget to pack your Silly Buddy Eraser in your pencil case. I assure you, it will come in handy. This eraser is generous enough to eraser all those large mistakes made on projects, but also perfect for erasing smaller marks. Surprise, this eraser also comes with avery cute, bonus mini eraser, so if travel space is tight just slip the smaller eraser out of your buddy and bring that one along. You can choose between four cute characters or collect them all.

-Product is approximately 0.5 inches in height and 2 inches in length.


-Preppy Pink Penguin with Red Bow Tie

-Blue Kitty Cat with Red Bow Tie

-Wiggly Green Alien with Purple Star

-Sweet Yellow Bear with Red Heart

SKU: E1161-0001

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