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Smart Pastel 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils
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With clever in its name and a soft hue on the pen body, these mechanical pencils are irresistibly charming. Use different types of lead without having to switch pencils as these smart pencils include a feature that can remind you which lead is being used. Turn the wheel to switch from 2H, 4H, 2B, B, F, to H to let you know that lead that’s being written with. These pencils are accented with silver on the clip attachment to the top and bottom of the pencil and include an eraser under the top of the advance button. These pencils also come included with 0.5mm lead and are available in the pastel colors: fresh mint, soft pink, and smooth white. Carry these mechanical pencils and beautify your pencil case with a dash of pastel and a hint of smartness!

- Product is approximately 5.5 inches (140 mm) long.

SKU: P2190-0001

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