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Soft Patterns Moongs Pencil Pouch
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Meet the newest members to CoolPencilCase.com, the Moongs! The Moongs characters include animals such as cats, rabbits and seals, but these aren’t your average cats, rabbits, or seals, these animals are all chubby! Thats right, chubby! They are all so pleasantly plump you will want to squish and cuddle every one of them. This pencil case collection includes four fabulous colors, deep navy blue with a very pretty aqua zipper, soft powder blue with a corresponding soft powder blue zipper, midnight black with a rustic orange zipper, and aqua mint with a cream zipper. All are so beautifully designed with the cute characters and even though this case seems small you can fit up to 15 of your favorite pens or pencils and still have room to add some other school essentials.

-Product is approximately 7.5 inches in length, 2.5 inches in height and 2 inches in width.


-Maximum capacity is approximately 15 pens.


-Midnight Black

-Deep Navy Blue

-Soft Powder Blue

-Aqua Mint

SKU: C2413-001

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