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Storybook Aventure Pencil Box
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Let's venture off into a world far, far away. So far, only our imaginations can go there. Maybe down the rabbit hole, grandma's house, Neverland, or a little town in Italy to see the talking puppet. The new Storybook Adventure Pencil Boxes will help you do just that. There are four iconic story pencil boxes to choose between in this collection. Each one resembles one of the greatest story book tales with a twist to the original characters. You can choose between Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, or Peter Pan.

-Product Dimensions are approximately 7.5 inches in height 3 inches in width

-Maximum capacity is approximately 30-35 pens.


-Alice in Wonderland

-My Friend Pinocchio

-A Little Red Riding Hood

-Peter Pan's Neverland

SKU: C2390-0001

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