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Sumikko Gurashi Mini Memo Pad with Mini Erasers
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Bigger is not always better, mini makes everything more fun! The Sumikko Gurashi Mini Memo Pad with Erasers sure has the mini cuteness going for it. Not only does this set come with mini memo pads, but each one is also accompanied by its matching mini Sumikko Gurashi character erasers (six mini erasers total). Each memo pad is accessible with four pads great for jotting down notes or doodling fun, itty-bitty pictures. Just one more plus to this set, it can fit just about anywhere, your pocket, your purse or backpack, even in a pencil case or folder. There are four fun characters to choose from in this collection.

Product is approximately 3 inches in height, 2 inches in length when closed and 9 1/2 inches in length when opened.


-Ebi Shirmp Tempura Yum Yum (pink with white dots)

-Furoshiki and Owl (pink with pink dots)

-Colorful Tapioka (white with colorful dots)

-Joyful Zassou (blue with white dots)
SKU: D2421-0001

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