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Sumikko Gurashi Peek-A-Boo Notes
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The Sumikko Gurashi Peek-A-Boo Notes are perfect for studying by using them like flash cards. The mini character papers are great for jotting down quick notes and the unique envelopes are an ideal way of securing them. The cute hide away pouches act as fun envelopes and are small enough to be passed secretly during class (even though we would never encourage that). Each packet includes 8 mini note papers in the designs of Sumikko Gurashi charcters, 8 envelopes designed to fit the characters uniquely, and a perfectly sized paperclip to keep everything nice and organized. This collection has four different designs to choose from, Tapioka (boba) that fits into a cup, Zassou (weed) that fits into a bouquet, Furoshiki (knapsack) that fits into an envelope, and lastly Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) that fits into a pastry bag.


-Run Away Furoshiki (pink polka dotted knapsack)

-Zassou Bouquet Gift (little green weed)

-Boba Yum Yum Tapioka (tapioca milk tea)

 -Tonkatsu Treat (polka dotted pastry bag)

SKU: D2415-0001

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