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Save Big! 20% off of $50. Enter Coupon Code: APRILFOOLS2017

Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Ballpoint Pen
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Sushi and Sumikko Gurashi characters! Can it get any better? I think not! This cute ballpoint pen combines the cutest Sumikko Gurashi characters with our favorite sushi dishes. Each one comes equipped with a clip so you can easily store it on any notebook. Instead of pushing the top of this pen to activate the ink, you press down on the clip. This pen comes in two designs, the pretty pale blue is topped with Penguin as a cucumber roll and shows off the Sumikko Gurashi characters feasting on delicious sushi, the bold black pen features Tonkatsu and Ebi on top and the Summikko Gurahsi characters become the sushi! That’s right, they put themselves right in the middle creating the cutest sushi you will ever see. Definitely too cute to eat! Choose yours or collect them both.

-Product is approximately  5.5 inches in length.


-Pale Blue Penguin

-Black Tonkatsu and Ebi

SKU: P2281-001

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