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Tails of Fun Pencil Pouch
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Grab your tall tailed critters and stuff them filled with your all time favorite writing utensils. They are coming to school with you! Although this pencil case is a compact, slim capacity case, it's cuteness makes up for its size. There are five different designs to choose from in this collection. So whether you like Bandit the raccoon, Snowball the puppy, Nibbles the Squirrel, ,or, all will make a statement with your classmates. The super soft exterior and pretty pastel pink interior both add nice touches to this pencil pouch. This pouch also features a keychain so attach your critter to your backpack, which gives you easy access to your pens and pencils and also gives you the ability to show them off at all times.

- Product Dimensions are approximately 7.5 inches long by 2 inches wide.

- Maximum capacity is approximately 6-10 pens


-Snowball the Puppy

-Bandit the Raccoon

-Nibbles the Squirrel

-Eevee the Fox

-Ace the Weasel
SKU: C2387-0001

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